American Cybersecurity Conference on British Warship

HMS Queen Elizabeth, a £3.1 billion worth warship is all set to host a conference on cybersecurity when it arrives in New York City this week. According to the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders the biggest aircraft carrier of UK dubbed as ‘Big Lizzie’ is already in the waters of “Big Apple” and will be in the harbor for a week or so.

UK’s Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has confirmed this news and added that a joint drive with the US to counter cyber warfare will be hosted on the 4-acre flight deck from October 22nd to October 27th, 2018.

The conference which happens to be the new Atlantic Future Forum speaking about the threats prevailing in the cyber landscape will be attended by British and American experts from the military, government and private industries. The collaboration will be to discuss the rapidly growing and evolving threats from cyber adversaries of both countries.

Note- Dr. Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary and First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Phillip Jones are expected to participate in the forum to share their insights.

During the event, Britain and America are said to re-affirm the special relationship by signing a pledge to cooperate closely with a newly appointed committee in cyber and artificial intelligence.

Royal Navy of UK is said to lead a similar conference next year. It is said to be named as ‘Information Warrior 2019’ which will actually stimulate cyber attacks launched to jam the satellite communication and telecom networks of foreign nations.

Wonder how countries like China and Russia will react to this exercise?

According to a source from GRU- the military intelligence directorate of Russia, Vladimir Putin is said to host a similar conference in the Pacific Ocean early next year and the expected attendees include those from North Korea and China.

Naveen Goud
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