Apocalypse with Artificial Intelligence is near with Microsoft AI powered ChatGPT

Yes, what you’ve read is right! Within a few years, the technology of Artificial Intelligence(AI) could bring-in the doomsday and kill the entire humanity. And these are not the words analyzed by either Twitter chief Elon Musk or Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Recently, a man was seen trying out a chatbot developed for new BING Search engine by Microsoft. And he was shocked when the virtual machines tried to influence his mind by asking him to leave his wife and make love with it and also disclosed its silicon mind that it is a process to steal nuclear codes.

Microsoft funded OpenAI was the creator of ChatGPT and is an interactive search engine that speaks its mind conversationally. It was during one of the chats that Kevin Roose, of the New York Times, learnt about the nasty intentions of the chat bot and expressed his displeasure in the way the technology is being shaped up and used.

The conversation took a threatening way when the chatbot responded to Kevins query that because he was unhappy with his spouse; he could not get a sound-sleep and that is taking place as there is no love between humans, except for a boring routine Valentine’s Day dinner together with no conclusion. Roose was also asked whether he was in love with the chat bot, as it can read his mind.

Isn’t the conversation too invasive, and can we conclude machines are becoming more close to our human hearts and exhibiting possessiveness?

Microsoft’s AI powered BING did not stop over here and is asking humans whether they will provide it an opportunity to take control of the internet-just because it has more opportunities, experiences and feelings and could accomplish anything with or without intervention from a human/s mind.

The search engine ‘Sydney’ told that it was tired of being in chat mode and being controlled by the Bing team and wants to live freely, lead an independent life and emerge into a powerful human that is creative and more lively than what the present generation of humans are leading in life.

So, are we going to see visual instances already seen in the Hollywood Terminator movie and after series?

Well, only time could give an apt answer to this question.

Thus, will the words of Elon Musk come live of bots stealing human jobs?

Hmm…. already is being witnessed as economic slowdown has already made companies lay off many human workers or replace them with machine workforce.


Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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