Apple offers new data security protections on iPhones


Apple iPhone users using iOS 16.2 will get some exclusive data safety features even if their respective iCloud accounts experience data breaches. Yes, what you’ve read is right! The company has expanded its end-to-end encryption to 23 of iCloud data categories that include cloud backups, notes, and photos along with Apple Music Sing, and Freeform.

Those left out are iCloud Mail, Calendar, and Contacts, as they need to inter-operate with other applications like Gmail or Outlook and such.

By default, the end-to-end protection is available to 14 data categories offering its users the privilege of keeping most of their iCloud information safe from prying eyes, as iPhone users can only decrypt their account info on trusted/authenticated devices.

From December 23rd,2022 the feature will be available in the United States and will spread to other parts of the world by February last week next year i.e. 2023.

In another news related to the same company, a software update released 2-weeks ago has reportedly fixed a zero day WebKit flaw that was being exploited in the wild since September 2022, allowing hackers to exploit remote code execution via Safari and other iOS apps.

Thus, with such efforts, the Cupertino based company stands tall in its commitment towards protecting data of its users. The company is also looking forward to allow alternative apps stores be loaded onto iPhones as per the European Union requirements upcoming in the year 2024.

Foxconn Technology Group that makes iPhones for Apple Inc released an official statement on WeChat that it is going to ease COVID-19 restrictions in its production facility in coming days and so more of the workforce in China can join their respective designations as usual by early next year.

So, let’s hope the scarcity of iPhone device availability in this Christmas season will go by February next year.


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