Artificial Intelligence Good, Bad and Ugly


We all have seen that every technology exhibits its own pros and cons. Or rather, we can say that it depends on the person or his/her mind that uses it. The same applies to the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it can assist humankind or wipe-it off on a permanent note. And here are some samples to prove so-

GOOD- In Israel, an experiment is going on a full swing with scientists training rats to sniff out additional forms of cancer. The rats can sniff out cancer cells from urine samples taken from the homes of patients and available data claims that the rodents are proving 90 percent accurate in diagnosing cancer disease at the earliest.

However, a lot of clinical trails are to be established on this note to offer solid evidence of cancer detection by rats.

BAD- AI can be misused to produce more COVID-19 like crisis says scientists working on a project at a New Zealand-based University. Taking enormous data sets since 2020, they were working on a project that averts crisis like COVID-19 in the future. But the same team concluded certain countries can use the form of data to create unknown viruses that can spell doomsday to our entire mankind. In the year 2020, Chinese hackers infiltrated the servers of AstraZeneca UK to steal all the valuable research and development information. China later on dismissed the information as false. Later, the UN claimed to have enough evidence to prove the hack theory as true and alleged the Xi Jinping nation for showing harshness during the global health crisis.

Ugly- Russian leader Vladimir Putin is planning to launch a biological attack on Ukraine as his dream to soon take control of the Zelenskyy led nation is becoming unfulfilled- although the war is being waged since February last year. Now, information is out that Putin has ordered his subordinates to use computer algorithms to design biological weapons capable of killing victims instantly. According to a post of Daily Mail, Kremlin has asked its scientists to use AI technology to manipulate antibiotics and medicines used to combat Covid infections and develop a drug that now emerged into a toxic nerve agent. Such biological weapons will be kept on hold and if Ukraine doesn’t surrender itself to the Military Forces of Moscow by this month’s end, then the plan is to kill innocent populace with the newly developed biological weaponry. Isn’t this inhuman to kill the innocent populace in the name of war? Ironically, both sides are adamant in their decision to retaliate and so are disinterested in indulging in peace talks.


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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