Automation is key to strengthen cybersecurity says IBM

IBM cybersecurity survey says that companies are ill prepared when it comes to raising their defensive skills against cyber attacks as they still do not have an incident response plan in place.

This is extremely alarming when considering the fact that over 56% of firms operating across the UK have experienced a data breach and 62% said that they experienced a cybersecurity incident on their corporate environment in the past 18 months which includes a ransomware attack, phishing attack, and DDoS attack.

IBM study also outlined the fact that among those firms which experienced cyber attack more than 50% of those have experienced a data breach 2 to 3 times in a year and 19% have experienced them more than 5 times.
Among those surveyed, 61% of respondents admit the fact that the volume of security incidents has increased in the past 2 years, while 72% of them agree that only the severity has increased.

However, the only +ve point gained in the survey is that 48% of respondents believe that their company’s cyber resilience has improved- all thanks to the process of deploying intelligence automation cyber response technology in their IT environments.

IBM feels that companies can leverage automation in order to improve its cyber resilience in the current cyber landscape.

‘Automation’ means the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and orchestration”, said Ted Julian, the Vice President, IBM Resilient.

However, not all companies are interested in going for such solutions as they need a lot of investment and focus from the board and need to be stress tested regularly added Julian.

Julian felt that if board members go with proper planning and do a wise investment in automation, then they can save millions of dollars during a breach.

Here awareness plays a vital role as automation can detect, contain, and respond to an incident on time and with greater significance.
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Naveen Goud
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