Belgium metal producer Nyrstar hit by a Ransomware attack


    Nyrstar, the Belgium based company which produces processed metals such as Zinc and Lead for commercial use is said to have been hit by a cyber attack on early Tuesday. Highly placed sources report that the attack was a ransomware variant and so the email database and some of the servers meant for administrative work have been blocked from access by hackers.

    However, the good news is that the metal processing and mining operations were not damaged by the attack.

    A few hours ago, the metal producer which is also into precious metals processing has disclosed that the attack has been contained by rolling out a business continuity plan.

    Currently, the company is working on the technical recovery plan along with its IT partners and has assured that all precautionary measures are in place to continue operations of its sites.

    Customers, key stakeholders and the law enforcement in Europe have been made aware of the situation and all measures to minimize the impact have already been taken.

    Note- Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland the company is best known for its Zinc smelting and alloying operations. The company which is mainly related to Metallurgy industry has 4 mining operations in North America and has a total of six smelters in Australia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, and the United States along with 1 Fumer in Norway. It has over 4000 employee count and is also into production of sulphuric acid along with the manufacturing of products related to copper, gold, and silver.

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