British cyber experts hack ISIS Online Magazine to curb terror


British Cyber Experts is said to have hacked the online magazine named Rumiyah Publication last year in a bid to shut down online terror that gloated the Manchester bombing. News is out that the monthly publication has not been released since last year due to the impact.

The publication which is being discussed is an online magazine which inspires terrorists with ISIS objectives. It is said that the cyber experts from GCHQ have managed to intercept the database of the publication and succeeded in erasing pages filled with Islamic state content.

Jeremy Fleming, the chief of GCHQ has confirmed this news and said that the country’s military is using all conventional methods of warfare to curb the spread of hatred on the internet.

As per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, British troops have identified some publications spreading hatred on the internet last year. And on the call from the Prime Minister of UK they have destroyed those media centers housing online jihadists with the help of warplanes.

The war with those spreading hatred online hasn’t ended there. A special team of cyber experts has been assigned the duty to track down the online activities of ISIS and have been asked them to block them with utmost fervor.

Note- Rumiyah magazine is the same publication which has asked the jihadists to mow down people using vehicles, just after the terror of Westminster Bridge Attack and the London Bridge Attack. The said magazine has the reputation for sadistically encouraging terror with supportive content published every month. But after the cyber attack from GCHQ, the magazine editor of Rumiyah is alleged to have gone silent since September 2017.

More details are awaited!

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