Britisher who launched Cyber Attacks on Lloyds and Barclays extradited

British National Daniel Kaye who launched cyber attacks on Lloyds and Barclays banks has been extradited from Germany to face charges in the UK. The alleged mastermind is facing charges for launching DDoS attacks and disrupting up to 20 million accounts.

Daniel, 29, is also accused of attempting to blackmail the bank’s senior officials by using an infected network of computers known as the Mirai#14 Botnet.

As per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, Daniel launched DDoS attacks for two days- from January 11 to January 13 on Lloyds, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland. The primary motto of launching cyber attacks was to halt the network with DDoS attacks and to black mail the senior officials of the bank to pay ransom in order to call off the attack.

A senior official from Lloyds has reported to our Cybersecurity Insiders that Daniel demanded a ransom of 75,000 pounds in bitcoins for the attack to be called off. And the 29-year old doubled the ransom for calling off cyber attacks on Barclays.

The Britisher will face charges from an investigation by the National Crime Agency with support from Germany’s BKA- the country’s federal investigative police service.

Kaye is also accused of endangering human welfare by cyber attacking Lonestar MTN which is Liberia’s biggest internet provider in November last year.

Kaye was extradited using a European Arrest Warrant and will appear on Thursday before Westminster’s Magistrate Court.

Note- Mirai is a malicious software which conscripts IoT devices to form a botnet that can be centrally controlled. The malware infects devices such as webcams, CCTV, and other internet connected devices such as 3D printers and creates a security hole in the network which can be exploited by hackers.

Naveen Goud
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