Category One Cyber Attack to hit the UK


The United Kingdom will soon face a ‘Category One’ Cyber Attack predicts Peter Yapp, the Deputy Director at the National Cyber Security Center. Mr. Yapp added that his nation was fortunate enough for haven’t faced such level of cyber attack till date. But in years ahead, there is little doubt that it will happen.

Peter divulged his mind while speaking at the inaugural Cyber Security Connect UK conference held in Monaco this week. The think tank also disclosed that the NCSC, a cyber unit of UK government’s intelligence agency, GCHQ has so far dealt with 1100 cybersecurity incidents or more than 10 a week in the past two years of its launch.

Mr. Peter Yapp stressed out on the fact that the incidents were from hostile nation states. And that means those attacks were launched by state-funded actors who liked to ignite a political controversy of the economic crisis in the country via such attacks.

As a result of the threats tracked down till date, Yapp predicts that the UK will be hit by a ‘Category One’ Cyberattack in near time.

Note- Category One Cyber attack is a cyber incident where essential services like power, water, and telecommunication infrastructure are digitally attacked.

So, what is being done to save the nation from such incidents?

Yapp said that NCSC has some of the best experts hired from across the world and they are assigned with the duty to help combat cyber threats of all levels. As a first precautionary measure, NCSC has taken an active cyber defense initiative to use automation to reduce some of the most common weaknesses in the UK Cyber Security Defenses.

The objective of making the defense responsiveness automated is to take away as much of the harm from as many populaces it could be possible and thus reduce the damage caused by high-volume cyber attacks.

Sources add that the programme has helped to cut down the proportion of phishing sites hosted in the UK by 5.3% to 2.4%.

Naveen Goud
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