China Mind-Reading AI Tech can detect political deflectors early


China has finally developed a mind-reading technology related to Artificial Intelligence that can detect political deflectors early. Comprehensive National Science Centre in Hefei claims it has produced software that can not only measure the political loyalty of Chinese voters towards parties like the Communist Party but can also read the mind of politicians and catch them before they deflect to other parties.

A detailed video and related explanation were published in Sunday Times a couple of days back. However, now it has been deleted because of some pressure from a political party in China.

If we dig the same content from Google Archives, the institute has devised software that measures the party workers’ reactions by gauging their facial expressions and brain waves.

Researchers found that the machine learning tactic can help gauge the confidence and determination of the political candidate and the voters. Its results can determine a person’s gratefulness to the political party and how much time he/she can remain loyal to that party.

All this is being done by estimating the results of a brainwave scan and human subjects, which is subjective on the current note. As a lot of research has to be done, to confirm the events and conclusion.

NOTE 1- China is already been under the surveillance of its citizens since 2016 and for the past 2 years it is constantly using AI and Facial recognition systems to keep a track of Uighurs and other ethnic minority groups.

NOTE 2- Technology should prove resourceful to our human beings. But it should never be used in such a way that it dictates or influences our lives. Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has been using technology to dictate and suppress certain lives and that will never be useful to entire humankind.


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