China’s surveillance system bans the US raised actress Michelle Ye Xuan

China’s social credit system which can be termed as a threat to the privacy of the populace has recently banned the US raised actress Michelle Ye Xuan from leaving the borders of Beijing.

News is out that the actress was banned from traveling as she was blacklisted by the social credit system without her understanding.

Presently, it’s still unclear whether the actress is using a Chinese or US passport at the time of the ban, but joins the list of millions of people who have been barred from boarding trains and flights by the system.

Cybersecurity Insiders had dug out the case and found that China-born Michelle Ye Xuan is facing prohibit due to indulgence in defaming the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend. As she indulged in some profane activity, the social credit system of China which was launched in 2014 has imposed a ban on her from boarding a flight.

Michelle Ye Xuan who won an International beauty pageant at 19 and then appeared in dozens of mainstream television shows and films in both Hong Kong and Mainland China is yet making an appeal against her ban. But as she has studied in Massachusetts and wants to complete her education on a further note she might make a special request to authorities to allow her to fly to the United States.

Note 1- From the year 2014, China has been consistently monitoring its citizens based on their daily behavior which ranges from their bank credit system to their social media activities. The score is said to help the Chinese populace to rent their flats to a person, purchase travel tickets and pay for a cup of coffee.

Note 2-As of now, reports are in that over 1.4 billion people are being monitored by the social credit system of China which is being facilitated with info from major ISPs, banks, utility companies, retailers and tech companies.

Naveen Goud
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