Chinese intelligence is funding Huawei says US Intelligence

Chinese Telecom giant Huawei which is already facing a lot of flak from western countries for conducting espionage through its 5G equipment supply has received a new allegation from the CIA of the United States.

The US Intelligence says that the telecom equipment manufacturer & supplier is reportedly receiving some secret funding from Chinese intelligence for unknown reasons.

CIA is reported to have said the same to British spy bosses who are thinking to alert the UK government on the security concerns.

Already, the same alert has been issued to remaining members of Five Eyes Intelligence alliance- UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada; out of which the last three have imposed a ban on the use of Huawei equipment in firms operating in their region- including Japan.

Note– The accusations come amid security concerns raised by US Intelligence that Huawei is supplying telecom equipment to countries with some eavesdropping or backdrop feature embedded in its infrastructure.

However, Huawei says that it is not going to such baseless allegations which are backed by zero evidence from anonymous sources.

Nevertheless, the company has already issued an assurance letter to the UK government that its supplied equipment is free from espionage-related software and hardware.

As per a source from Reuters, the next couple of months will prove crucial for Huawei as UK government is expected to take a decision on allowing the Chinese company in supplying equipment for 5G network upgrade in its region.

Naveen Goud
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