Clop Ransomware gang strikes London Transport for London (TfL)

Clop ransomware gang has targeted the databases of Transport for London (TfL) customers, thus stealing information of over 13,000 drivers listed on the Ulez and Congestion Charges Repository. Clop is the same gang that struck MoveIT file transfer software last week and the TFL seems to be one of the impacted customers worldwide. And TfL became a victim as one of its customers incharge of storing and securing the databases was affected by the file encrypting malware spreading gang.

Ultra Low Emissions Zone (Ulez) is an area in London where drivers of vehicles that do not meet emission standards are charged £12.50 per day. First this charge used to be applicable to only those drivers who were driving their vehicles in North and South circles and was imposed by Mayor Sadiq Khan. But was extended in August last year to those driving in Boroughs.

Why the Russian gang of hackers is behind the driver details storing database is unknown. It can be an income minting scheme or a retaliation effort, as the Rishi Sunak led nation is supporting Ukraine in its war with the Putin led nation by sending arms and ammunition along with essentials and some financial aid.

NOTE- TfL is a government owned organization accountable for smooth functioning of the entire transport network in London, UK. It includes functioning of buses, taxis, cycling provisions, trams, and water transport services. Although it doesn’t have total control over the rail network. It still holds control over the Elizabeth line and overground network in London.

Naveen Goud
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