Cloud Security beefed up for IBM Blockchain

IBM has upped the cloud security feature for its Blockchain Cloud Environment which is in coincidence with the release of its Hyperledger Fabric Version 1.0. The software giant has added that their blockchain networks were only as safe as the cloud infrastructure they resided on and so has announced it at the “InterConnect”- IBM’s Annual Cloud Conference, Las Vegas,

A few days ago, Linux Foundation promoted Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 which is being promoted from incubator state to active state. Now, IBM Blockchain has been refreshed in order to include Fabric Version 1.0.

Jerry Cuomo, Head of IBM’s Blockchain business has branded the new high-security business in the IBM Cloud environment as a service which is on par with Intel Inside. And added that the new security modules can be tucked in at physical hardware layer where for instance, everyone has to keep their crypto keys in a vault.

IBM has also made it official that the new cloud security features related to its Blockchain services will meet the industry’s highest evaluation assurance level certification of EAL5+, which is essential to users related to finance, government, and healthcare services.

The new feature allows the code to be protected throughout the blockchain application via secure service containers. These containers encapsulate the blockchain into a virtual appliance and deny access even to someone with the highest level of security credentials.

The encrypted data meant for storage of cryptographic keys is protected by tamper responsive hardware security modules which are available with FIPS 140-2 certification which is currently the highest level of security certification available for cryptographic modules.

Furthermore, IBM announced the new governance and open source developer tools for IBM blockchain that offers different levels of visibility over blockchain network and helps in assigning roles through a single dashboard.

More details will be updated shortly!

Naveen Goud
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