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Policybazaar, the Indian Insurance companies that offer an array of online services to users seeking health and car insurance were targeted by hackers leading to a data breach. According to a press update released by the company on Monday, the incident took place on July 19th,2022 and the owner PB Fintech discovered that the threat actors made the fraudulent access through a server vulnerability, that now has been fixed.

The Insurance firm that was founded in 2008 has a background of selling over 19 million policies and is planning to expand its business reach after obtaining an insurance broker’s license from India’s IRDAI.

So, at this juncture, incidents such as these can put a permanent dent to their business expansion, as IRDAI doesn’t take data breaches lightly.

Second is a news related to UAE based supermarket chain Spinneys that possibly suffered a data breach leading to personal information leak of customers.

Hacking news is out that the internal servers of the online shopping platform were compromised by giving access to treat actors the information related to mobile numbers, email addresses, names, delivery address and their previous booking history.

Spinneys, a multi-national business chain, is confident that the Dubai e-police will nab the criminals soon to mitigate the threats associated with the attack.

Third is the news related to LockBit ransomware group that is suspected to be behind the attack of Italy’s Tax Agency L’Angenzia Delle Entrate.

A statement released by the spokesperson in the evening yesterday confirmed the incident and diverted the media attention towards Sogei, a Ministry of Economy and Finance owned firm that was looking after the IT services of the Italy’s tax agency’s requirements.

National Cybersecurity Agency of Italy has released an update that they are busy investigating the incident and suspect a foreign nation’s hand in the spread of the LockBit ransomware to their tax agency’s computer network.

Fourth is the news related to Switzerland-based company FileWave, a company that offers multi-platform Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. A team of researchers from Team82 of Claroty determined the platform has two vulnerabilities that could allow threat actors to bypass authentication and take control of the platform, thus the devices under the control of it.

As the MDM platform of FileWave is used by government firms, educational institutions and large enterprises, it can lead to serious trouble, if left unattended.


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