Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google


Foremost is the news related to Manchester University. According to a statement released by the Chief Operating Officer Patrick Hackett, a portion of data was accessed by unauthorized parties who might have copied the information to other servers. The spokesperson also added that the latest cyber-attack on the University of Manchester has no link to the Moveit hack where employee data of some companies including BBC, Boots and British Airways was com-promised.

Second is the news related to Microsoft cloud storage service ‘One Drive’. As per some reports from reliable sources the service was down as the servers of the multinational company were targeted by a distributed denial of service attack.

Unconfirmed sources state that the act was conducted by a hacking gang named ‘Anonymous Sudan’. However, the Redmond giant did not acknowledge the news as true and instead claimed that all its services were back and operating fine.

Third is the news related to Pharma Giant of Japan named Eisai. According to a statement, the company was hit by a cyber attack and it led to manufacturing disruption to a certain extent. However, the senior management of Eisai are confident that the possible ransomware incident could never trigger shortage of supply, as they already have supplies in-stock for the next three months.

Amid threats that generative AI could turn fatal to the humankind, Google has announced that its Vertex AI having generative AI support is available generally on its Cloud’s Machine Learn-ing Platform as a service product- ML PaaS.

With ChatGPT of Microsoft receiving a lot of flak from all the technologists, the existence of Vertex AI becomes quandary as mainstream adoption of AI is been conducted at glacial speeds and can fall meet troubles in existence as people have started loosing trust over its usage and the future of such highly anticipated ML technologies.

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