Cyber Attack news on Katie Price and Data Privacy triggering Mercy Killing

A hacker with the Twitter account ‘Thedarkoverlord’ has threatened model turned businesswoman ‘Katie Price’ to share her surgery related photos and videos with the world. A spokesperson of the 40-year-old singer turned designer has confirmed the news early today and said that the internationally reputed star is being constantly harassed online by the said hacker.

The said user who posted several tweets on the last day of the year claims to be linked to a hacking group which managed to hack into the database of LBPS, a cosmetic surgery clinic in the UK renowned for body corrections and private parts enhancement.

It’s said that the hacker also possesses surgery photos of Frankie Essex, Chloe Sims, a famous celebrity belonging to the Kardarshian’s family and Hollywood star personality who won a Grammy recently.

Katie Price, who went bankrupt recently, says that the image leak will do no harm to her reputation and personality and will just add to the promotion of the two clinics she visited in London Bridge and Brussels.

In one of her tweets last year, Ms. Price was seen promoting Dr. Plovier from Be Clinic to all those who asked her for surgeries and care. But she also went ahead in remarking sarcastically for the botched up surgeries she had till date.

Note- Katie is world famous for her surgery enhanced Bo$$Om and since August’18 is being seen in the media for submitting proposals for an individual voluntary arrangement for her £250,000 debt.

In other news which is related to data privacy, the British Medical Association (BMA) has given a nod to a court case where a 74-year old woman in a coma was put to mercy killing after her family/relatives were asked to check her Facebook and email posts on whether she wants to die.

Although it’s a bit controversial, the BMA has given a nod to all those people who are waiting for mercy killing- based on their old messages or posts that indicate whether they prefer not to live on with a disease or injury.

That means, if in case a 56-year-old man is in his last stages of cancer and is in coma and if in case his body is not responding to the treatment on a positive note, then his family or friends will be permitted to see the online history of the individual under the supervision of a law enforcement officer.

If in case, the individual previously posted on social media or in any digital form that he would like to receive death in place of agony due to ill-health, then the individual will be put down to death by the doctors by turning off the life support machines.

The order was pronounced by the Supreme Court last year and says that the doctors from now on will no longer need to ask a judge for permission to remove food or liquid diet tubes that keep an incapacitated patient alive.

Many have raised their voices against the order as there is a threat that some people can misuse the order. But the BMA says that the ruling could help in rare cases where the hopes of recovery are almost zero.

Naveen Goud
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