Cyber Attack on Appleby can reveal financial records of World’s Richest People!

Bermuda based law firm Appleby has made it official that it has become a victim of a cyber attack and admitted that hackers have managed to steal data from its database last year. Now the law firm fears that cyber crooks might anytime leak the financial records of World’s Richest People which could pronounce serious consequences to the future operations of the firm.

Appleby has sent an email alert to all the clients who were impacted by the cyber attack. And reports pour in that some of the wealthiest Britons are busy seeking instructions from their lawyers and PROs on what should be done if their overseas tax benefits are exposed by hackers.

As the data is now in the hands of the bad guys, it can be used now or later to expose the riches of the wealthy.
Daily Mail suggests that the siphoned data has been flown to British Overseas Territories and is in great demand with left-leaning media groups.

According to an Appleby spokesperson’s statement posted in The Daily Telegraph, the company is fully cooperating with the forensic team which is conducting an investigation on this issue.

So far, authorities have found evidence that the leak could be linked with Panama Papers which exposed the hidden wealth of some of the world’s most powerful people-mainly political leaders.

More details are awaited!

Note- Appleby is an offshore law firm which has offices in more than 10 cities and offers legal advice on the principal areas of corporate, dispute resolution, property, regulatory and private client and trusts. The firm which was established by Major Reginald Appleby in 1896 is now ranking as one of the world’s largest providers of offshore legal services.

Naveen Goud
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