Cyber Attack on Ukraine Radio station spreads misinformation about Zelensky’s death

After trying their best to win Ukraine, the Russian seems to get down to other tactics to bring down the Volodymyr Zelenskyy-led nation to its knees. A special formed cyber team was engaged to cyber attack Ukrainian Radio Station early this week to spread disinformation about the death of Ukrainian President Zelensky.

TAVR Media Stations were digitally attacked by Kremlin-funded cyber forces to spread fake reports about the president’s ill health and his family on the run.

Perhaps the aim was to demotivate the civilians and military of Kyiv so that they could put their arms down and surrender to the Moscow led forces.

Zelensky addressed the nation via his twitter account and claimed that the news relatively spread about him was false and he was perfectly alright in his office and never suffered with any serious illness.

TAVR Media admitted that few of its broadcasting servers were operating under the control of Moscow and so were engaged in spreading misinformation about the leader heading the war with Putin’s forces.

NOTE 1- From the past few weeks, i.e. is from May 2022, some media resources from west were busy reporting updates regarding the health of Vladimir Putin. They went to an extent to state that he has only 2 years left, as he was suffering from a major illness that has the potential to shut down its vital organs within no time.

NOTE 2– In retaliation for such propaganda, Killnet could have launched a cyber attack on Ukraine’s largest radio networks to spread fake news about Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

NOTE 3- The 44-year-old is optimistic that his nation will succeed in the war, all with the economic, artillery and essential support from nations like Canada, the United Kingdom and United States. BTW the war has entered its 6th month on July 24th,2022(as it started in early hours of February 24th,2022) and is predicted to go till this year’s end.

NOTE 4- Ukraine’s State Service of Special Communication and Information Protectio (SSSCIP) admitted that hackers attacked Ukraine radio stations and their objective was to propagate fake news about Zelensky.


Naveen Goud
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