Data Breach stories for this day


1.) Three million Google Chrome UK users are vulnerable to hackers-A research conducted by a cybersecurity consultancy firm named ‘Surecloud’ has discovered that all 3 million Google Chrome users in the UK and 30 million Chrome users on a global note are vulnerable to hackers.

Experts suggest that the security flaw could make hackers steal passwords and activate webcams in an attack dubbed ‘Wi-Jacking’ that takes little less than 1 minute to comprehend.

The investigation which was led by Elliot Thompson says that a weakness in Google Chrome browser could expose user credentials of all those who have logged into their router and saved login+ passwords to the browser. It’s said that hackers can gain access to the Wi-Fi network of a user and could even manage to access shared files and IoT devices which trust the local networks through this flaw.

Google was alerted about the issue in July this year by Elliot and his team. However, the internet juggernaut did not pay heed to the warning for reasons best known to the technology giant.

2.) Kansas based Challenger Teamwear which supplies sports apparel to various state and local teams associations has released a press statement last night which says that cybercriminals have targeted their database over the Labor Day weekend. The Lenexa based company has apologized for the incident to its customers and hopes to offer a credit monitoring free service to all the impacted customers. The number of the impacted customers is still unknown. But few of the customers of Challenger Teamwear say that hackers have used their payment card info to make false purchases on behalf of them on various online stores.

Paul Lawrence, the CEO of Challenger Teamwear has confirmed the news and said that the incident is still being probed.

3.) Info of 50K Orrstown Bank customers exposed in a data breach- Pennsylvania based Orrstown Bank is reported to have become a victim of a data breach recently via email phishing. It’s said that the info of more than 50k bank customers was exposed in the incident which was identified by security analysts in July this year.

The bank officials immediately terminated the attacker’s access to the accounts and started a review of all the transactions made by their customers in the past 2 years. All the individuals who were affected by the hack were contacted via email in the past month.

Law enforcement has been informed about the invasion and team of forensic experts was hired to investigate the cyberattack incident.

Naveen Goud
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