Data on stolen Apple iPhones to be made more secure now


Apple Inc has passed on an internal memo last week promoting their staff not to repair any iPhone that has been stolen or lost. The move was taken to protect the data of stolen customers from falling into wrong hands and also to safeguard genuine owners from falling into various scams launched through stolen devices.

Currently, the rule only applies to the United States, and in a few weeks, time will be made mandatory for all its customer service centers across the globe.

Thus, a few days from now, people have to show proof of purchase if they need to submit their devices to the iPhone Repair staff. Then they will look at the registry through the relative diagnostic tools and, if all goes well, will forward it to the repairing team. Or else, they might keep the handset and ask the customer to report afterward or bring a no-dispute form.

All third-party service centers and Apple’s Brick and Mortar stores will have to follow the rule as it has been forwarded from the headquarters.

The other rule that may see a light by this month-end is the tech giant’s offering of enabling self-repair service offering to its customers. From its side, the Cupertino-based technology giant has sent spare parts to all its iPhone selling stores from where customers can purchase the spares and do the repair by themselves, like changing the touch screen, changing the in-built battery, camera sensors, and some parts on the motherboard.

Parts will be available to iPhone 12 and 13 variants at first and will be spread to others in the range later on. And those who return the old parts will be given coupons that can be used in their next purchase of an iPhone or iPad within a stipulated period.


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