Donald Trump reacts on Russia’s Vermont Electric Utility Cyber Attack


US President-Elect Donald Trump has finally reacted to FBI and DHS allegations that Russian hackers infiltrated into the network of Vermont Electric Utility last week. Trump said that he is not anymore surprised with news related to cyber attacks from state-sponsored actors. But he assured that his upcoming government will do everything to isolate America from such snooping sagas.

Last week, FBI and DHS found traces of hacking codes in Vermont’s Burlington Electric Utility signing Russia as a hacking culprit. Although the officials clarified yesterday that the code did not disrupt utility’s operations, they fear that all the government organizations might have been compromised by Russian government sponsored hackers by now.

As soon as the news was reported to exist US President Barack Obama, he decided to expel and deport 35 Russian diplomats and levy sanctions on two Russian Intelligence Agencies that hacked vital info of Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign last year.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expect the same kind of stringent actions from the upcoming government of Donald Trump.

The two security agencies submitted a report to Trump Towers yesterday and Mr. Trump reacted in the following way-

“I am not surprised with the results reported by the joint analysis made by our two federal security firms. Neither I want to react to them on an immediate note”, said Trump.

However, an official from Trump Towers said that Donald and his government will come up with a special intelligence team which will snoop into the activities of some nations from time to time.

The words from the official also suggest that Donald’s government is not interested in reacting to cyber attacks. But wants to go with a proactive approach and catch hold of the state-sponsored hackers red-handed.

In the meantime, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin reacted in animosity that he doesn’t care what the present US government did or is doing.

Rather he is more interested in building formal and cordial future ties with America through Donald Trump’s government.

Naveen Goud
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