Email address of new Facebook users leaked on the website

In a media update given by Facebook (FB) today, the social media giant admitted that it might have unintentionally uploaded email address of over 1.5 million users on its platform since May 2016. Nevertheless, the leaked data only includes email addresses of new users who have subscribed for the service on or after April’16.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company says that it hasn’t shared the data with anyone and the leak took place by mistake. All users whose contacts were imported onto the servers of the firm will be notified and have been deleted from the servers-claims FB.

A source from Business Insider says that the email addresses were uploaded onto the FB servers without the consent of users- which the social networking giant claims to have happened by mistake.

From the past two years, Facebook has been marred by several controversies which includes handling of personal user data, which the company is said to have sold to app developers and analytical firms like Cambridge Analytica.

Meanwhile, Facebook has issued an official statement today saying that its engineers are working on a personal AI based digital voice assistant which will be in lines with Alexa and OK Google. As per the sources that are familiar with these developments, the new AI service will be more like a hands-free interaction platform and will not be a simple text-based messaging service like M.

CNBC reports that Ira Snyder, the general manager of Facebook Reality Labs is leading the project of building an AI assistant named Facebook Assistant ( for now). The commercial name of the Virtual assistant will be known only after the commercial launch of the web application.

Naveen Goud
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