GoDaddy offers website owners security protection on World Password Day

If anyone wants their online activity to be secure and private, password usage helps them in doing so; as it blocks unauthorized access to a service and access to personal information.

For website business, the owners of these web portals have 2 primary concerns- one is to protect their sensitive consumer and business data and the other is to isolate them from prevailing malware and viruses from attacking their website.

GoDaddy, an American Web Hosting company is offering website security that acknowledges both the above said needs to the core. Its website security plans offer SSL Certification that arrives with Web Application Firewall(WAF) protection. So, all the data that is moving to & from the website to the servers is encrypted, making it tough for the hackers get is a sniff of what is going on.

Also, the firewall offered by the company blocks all kinds of DDoS and Malware attacks that could damage the website- thus the reputation of the company.

The Maryland based company also offers website clean up plan from malware that not only helps detect the malware but also help wipe it off from the core. To those who go for more premium plans, a site backup plan of up to 200GB keeps the data continuity intact at the time of disasters.

About World Password Day- Every year, the first Thursday in May is being promoted as the World Password Day. This year, that is in 2021, the day arrived on May 6th,2021. So, all you online users over there you better change all your old online passwords to new and strong ones. If possible, turn on 2-factor authentication for important online services. Here strong passwords mean a mixture of alpha-numeric characters tucked with 1-2 special characters.

Note– In coming years, we will celebrate the following date as the World Password Day-May 5th,2022; May 4th,2023; May 2nd,2024; May 1st, 2025; May 7th in 2026; May 6th in 2027; May 4th in 2028 and May 3rd in 2029 and May 2nd in 2030.

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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