Google blocked billions of malicious app downloads

Google released a press update at the end of last month saying it has blocked billions of malicious app downloads from its Play Store. The said goal was achieved as the web search giant blocked about 1.2 million apps from being published to its app store for breaching its policies and exhibiting malevolent behavior.

Internet Juggernaut has been stressing the business feature of offering privacy and security to its users and has kept its promise by filtering malicious content from being loaded onto its play store from time to time.

Perhaps, by following such strict policies in line with Apple Inc it has won the trust of over 3 billion active Android phone users to date.

Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary Google took an initiative in July 2021 to safeguard end users by crafting strict security policies for developers. And that includes restricting permissions to apps and offering a free hand to users to accept or reject the operations conducted by the app, even before it’s been downloaded.

To keep its users safe, Google has assigned reviewing the safety of apps to third parties who keep monitoring the processes in a timely manner. And any discrepancies found will be flagged and the developer will be notified about the issue. And if they cannot respond within 5 days, the app will be removed from the Play Store on a permanent note.

Note- In April 2022, Google announced the introduction of a new feature dubbed ‘Data Safety Section’ to all its users. And as per the new feature, developers need to provide information on what type of data their app is collecting, how it stores and processes the information, and will it share the same with 3rd party companies. Currently, the Data Safety Section feature will only be available to Android 10 and above operating systems and will be rolled to Android 8 and 9 OS users in the next few months.


Naveen Goud
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