Google confirms that OEMs will provide regular mobile security updates to Android Device users


Google, the web search giant of California has confirmed that original equipment manufactures or shortly called as OEMs will be providing regular mobile security updates to all Android device users in coming years.

“Since Security has always been a concern to those using Android Devices; Google has decided to put the onus on the OEMs to roll out security updates on a regular note from now on”, said Dave Kleidermacher, the Android Security Director of Google.

A news update posted on a popular tech blog says that all Android users on non-Google smartphones will from now on enjoy the same security updates and privileges as on the latest Google Smartphones (Pixel) from now on.

Means, Google will from now roll out security updates for those OEMs registered on the Android Partner Program on a monthly basis, as it does, to Google Pixel users.

Announcing the same at the Google I/O 2018 event, David Kleidermacher, the head of Android security added that phones equipped with the upcoming Android P operating system will have the ability to detect cyber threats- mainly such as malware at the time of download. And will block the D/L of the suspicious apps on user phones in an automated note.

The internet juggernaut is also ensuring that OEMs can implement new security updates on a faster note- all as a part of Project Treble program.

Project Treble is an initiative taken up by Google where it offers a vendor interface to OEMs that gives access to hardware specific parts on an Android phone. The access further gives smart access to device makers to deliver security patches and new Android releases just by updating the Android OS Framework.

Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony, Asus, are some of the companies who have registered themselves in Android Partner Program.

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