Google identifies McAfee Malware spread on Biden supporters via China

American McAfee Cybersecurity software company seems to have fallen prey to Chinese hackers as Google has identified a hackers campaign from China that has been using McAfee name to spread malware among Joe Biden supporters and staff.

Google states that a similar hacking group from Iran was seen targeting President Donald Trump’s US Presidential 2020 campaign last month.

The subsidiary of Alphabet Inc has already shared its analysis with FBI and the law enforcement authority has started a separate probe on this note as it can negatively affect the trust of those who would vote like to vote in the upcoming US 2020 Polls to be held on November 3rd,2020.

Referred as APT31, the cyber crooks are seen spreading malware in the form of email links that when clicked download malware from the servers of Github or Dropbox.

“We have identified the malicious campaign been hosted on the legitimate servers and so its hard for the threat detectors to identify these threats on time,”, said Shane Huntley, the head of Google Threat Analysis Group.

As McAfee has a great market share in security market, APT31 aka Zirconium seems to use a renowned name to propel its campaign even further.

NOTE- Microsoft has issued an alert at the end of last month that some adversaries of West might involve in cyber attacks that could influence the election results to a certain extent. However, the tech giant also announced that the election framework of the country was too tough to infiltrate through any cyber warfare.

Naveen Goud
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