How to elevate your mobile security?


Smart Phones are turning into life blood to our humans. And that’s due to the fact that they are not just being used to communicate, but are also being used to virtually assist us in computing, paying, buying and in all other such activities.

As our lives are being driven by technology, we have reached a state where people are using more than a single smart device at a time. As long as this mobile phone usage confined to individual, it doesn’t mean much. But with corporates adapting to BYOD policies, corporate managers are facing a lot of challenges with mobile security. With the penchant for Internet of Things picking up, hackers are finding new ways to make hay when the sun shines.

Factually speaking, mobile security is quite fluidic as a smartphone today can prove terrible unsafe tomorrow.

Thus, to ease your concerns towards mobile security, here are some commandments to be practiced-

Never give your mobile to strangers or friends. As this may cause a serious data security concern later. What if they post on your social media accounts something blasphemy against a nation, person or religion? What if they transfer some bitcoins from your mobile bitcoins wallet to someone they know? What if they use their mobile banking service to pay for illegal activities.

  • Always ensure that your mobile is password protected. If you are buying a new mobile, go for a device which offers finger print security.
  • Encrypting the stored content on your mobile phone makes complete sense, as cyber crooks have full potential to extract valuable information from what you consider as junk.
  • Better backup all your contacts, messages and memorabilia to a cloud platform. Apple and Android phones have this service already in place.
  • Avoid clicking malicious sites and links, as it can spread malware and make your phone completely useless at any point.
  • Avoid using a public Wi-Fi while carrying out mobile banking activities as hackers generally wait at these places to rob your data at the very instance.
  • Never divulge any info about your banking accounts such as pin numbers to anyone via phone or on a physical note.
  • Always ensure that your use an efficient anti-virus software on your mobile phone and keep it up to date with the latest.
  • Never, ever give your phone to handsome hunks or beautiful ladies as they can misuse or alter info on your phone.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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