Huawei shrugs off Cyber Attack claims by Australia


Chinese company Huawei has shrugged off the claims made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison that Australia’s critical infrastructure was being cyber attacked due to a ban imposed on Huawei from building a 5G network in the continent.


Reacting to the interview given by Mr. Morrison for The Australian Financial Review, Huawei stated that the claims were inaccurate, unjustified, and inappropriate.


Jeremy Mitchell, the Chief Corporate Affairs officer of the Chinese telecom company issued an official statement yesterday that his company was spotlessly clean on cybersecurity and has been doing business with TPG, Vodafone, and Optus without any errors from the past 16 years


“The Prime Minister seems to be a hypocrite and its evident from his public comments said, Mr. Mitchell.


Mitchell added that the Prime Minister was supportive while holding a post as a Communication Minister and as an Opposition spokesperson all these days and has been a guest for the technology company in Shenzhen many years ago.


So, wonder why he has changed his state of mind and was seen supporting the decision of keeping high-risk vendors at bay from building a 5G network in Australia.


Note 1– In Feb this year, Huawei claimed that the ban imposed by Australia on its business operations will cost the latter $11.9 billion in lost GDP gains by 2035. And that’s due to the fact it will increase the cost incurred by the local operators by USD 300 Million on an annual note for the next 10 years as they need to rely on expensive rivals such as Nokia and Ericsson.


Note 2- On Monday this week, a Japanese technology giant NEC took a call by appointing the nation’s former federal communications department boss Mike Mrdak as its new Nonexecutive chairperson and might also bid for the 5G network build across Australia competing with Huawei on a financial note.


Naveen Goud
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