Local mafia was behind cyber attacks on French Hospitals


France Minister Cedric O has cleared the air that local mafia type organizations were behind cyber attacks on two of the healthcare organizations of France and no state funded organizations were involved in the incident.

Condemning some reports published in a certain section of media, Cedric O stated that some hacking groups based in Eastern Europe were involved in the attack- as per the preliminary inquiry.

Often such cyber crooks demand a ransom in cryptocurrency to keep their activities concealed and sometimes indulge in double extortion techniques to gain some assured sum.

Dax and Villefranche Sur Saone were still working with pen and paper instead of computer systems according to Cedric O and is said to improve by this month’s end.

For those uninitiated, France President Emmanuel Macron announced a $1billion investment in French Currency early this week to strengthen the entire National Infrastructure of the country. He bolstered the network after learning that some hackers spent 3 full years breaching the network of organizations via a software vulnerability developed by Centreon.

Adding to the list of companies targeted by ransomware, were motor company Trigano and cruise maker Beneteau who made it official that their IT infrastructure has suffered cyber attacks.

Note- Last year, United States FBI urged all ransomware victims not to pay any ransom to the hackers spreading the file encrypting the malware, as it encourages them in distributing more malware and doesn’t guaranty a decryption key. However, later the investigative agency switched its response and asked the victims to act wisely and react to the situation.

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