Major Cyber Attack launched on Ukraine Ukrtelecom

A major cyber attack was launched in the afternoon hours of Monday, leading to severe internet disruption in the core parts of Ukraine. The attack was intense and was possibly the most severe of all the cyber attacks that occurred after the Russian invasion in Ukraine since February 23rd, 2022.

Ukrtelecom is the biggest fixed line communication service provider in the Zelenskyy led nation and is supposed to be offering a consistent fixed internet service connection to the president from the beginning of the war.

So, Kremlin was determined to shut down connectivity of Zelensky with the world and so might have launched a Ddos based digital assault on Ukrtelecom.

However, highly placed sources state that the web connectivity of the president was intact as he was using a satellite based connection to remain in touch with the world. He is seen constantly urging with Europe and its allies to stop war started by the Russian President Putin.

Confirming the incident, Ukrtelecom that supplies internet, mobile service and broadband to the populace of Kyiv confirmed the details of the attack on Facebook and added that the enemy nation caused the disruption.

The special team of technicians were pressed into service to investigate the incident and to mitigate the risks associated with the cyber assault.

NetBlocks that keeps a track of web downtimes across the world confirmed the news and tagged the attack as most significant from the start of Russian invasion.

Note 1- As the 30-day-old war is not yielding results as per his expectations, Joe Biden, the US President, predicted already that Putin will indulge in cyber warfare to bring the Ukraine nation to its knees.

Note 2- So, the cyber attack on Ukrtelecom might be the latest assault of Moscow on its neighbor.


Naveen Goud
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