Massive Cyber Attack on Iran Gas Stations


Cyber Attack news reports are in that gas stations or fuel dispensing systems across the region of Iran have stopped pumping out the highly subsidized gasoline because of a technical glitch that could have been caused due to a digital attack from either United States, Israel or a group of hackers having anti-Iranian sentiments.

And as per some media speculations published or broadcasted by Hebrew media, that US Intelligence could have caused the digital disruption in order to suppress Iranian Aggression at the international level.

However, based on the condition of anonymity, a source from Tehran Times reported that the attack could be a retaliation counter of US on Iran in response to a drone strike on its military forces at the Tanf Garrison, Syria.

The technicalities of the attack are yet to be known. But it’s confirmed that the digital disruption of gasoline distribution at gas station operations in Iran was due to a cyber attack launched by adversaries.

Some electronic billboards in Isfahan displayed a message on the screen asking Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei–where is our gas?

What’s interesting about the suspected message display on the billboard is the fact that a number 64411 was being constantly displayed alongside and that gives us a reference that the current attack could be the work of a hacking group dubbed Indra, named after the Hindu god.

NOTE– Iran intelligence funds cyber attack and espionage related campaigns where it often targets companies related to Technology, Aerospace, Telecom and Manufacturing sectors operating in United States, Russia, Europe, and Israel along with Middle East.

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