Microsoft Cybersecurity Chief urges users to stop using legacy IE


Chris Jackson, the Cybersecurity Chief of Microsoft is urging users to stop the use of the legacy web browser i.e. Internet Explorer (IE) which has been discontinued on an official note since 2015.

Instead, please start using the modern age browser like the Edge which supports most of the new applications. Some businesses still rely on IE to route web traffic and Jackson wants to discourage this practice as his company no longer supports old web standards as new apps demand innovation and sophistication like the ability to mitigate cyber threats via browsers said, Jackson.

Historically speaking, IE was launched first in 1995 with Windows 95 operating system. It was a grand hit in between 2002 and 2003 as 95 percent of PC users’ surfed internet with the help of the said browser. Then in May 2012, IE started seeing a stiff competition from Google Chrome which overtook the Internet Explorer within no time.

Meanwhile, Alphabet Inc subsidiary Google has issued a public statement today that it will allow Android users in the EU to turn down Google search and chrome options on their devices as it violates EU’s antitrust rules.

Note- In May last year, the European Commission found Google that it was violating EU’s antitrust laws by offering mobile users devices which were pre-loaded with Google Chrome and search options. So, manufacturers who started shipping devices with unbundled Google apps would no longer be charged with the fee of $40 per handset.

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