Microsoft offers best practices to combat Cyber Attacks


Microsoft is offering a solution to tackle Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on its Azure platform in an automated note. As a part of its Cyber Defense Operations Center Strategy the company has devised a cyber security framework which has all necessary tools and plans to build a competent defense platform against evolutionary cyber threats.

Microsoft Cyber Defense strategy includes a vast array of prevention and sophisticated detection technologies along with cyber intelligence reporting and instance access policies for talented IT professionals.

Though many big firms have excellent IT Infrastructure in place, they fail to yield desired results with each passing day due to a breach in their cyber security policies. Microsoft wants to address these loopholes with an evolutionary automated platform that offers rapid response to cyber attacks.

It has to be notified over here that Microsoft has DDoS Protection tools already in place which help in analyzing traffic in real-time and has the capability to respond and mitigate to any kind of attacks in just 90 seconds time frame of being detected.

Now, the company seems to have come with a plan where data plane can be upgraded to respond and stay ahead of network traffic, even in the presence of already launched sophisticated attacks on the network service or corporate environments.

In addition to this arrangement, Microsoft has come up with a Cyber Defense Operations Center Strategy related briefing where one can learn about protection, defense, and response to cyber threats in real time.

As the growth of internet and Internet of Things is taking place at an alarming rate, reports that most of the devices are remaining insecure are pouring in. Thus, we can conclude that all these devices are vulnerable to cyber threats such as DDoS attacks and other hacking strategies employed by cyber criminals.

Microsoft wants to address these issues by offering informative content to protect, detect and respond to cyber-security threats.

For this reason, it has come up with a Cyber Defense Operations Center Strategy which discusses the problem of cyber attacks and attempts to address them from the basics.

More details will be updated soon!

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