Microsoft stops Windows 10 and 11 updates in Russia


Russia might soon start facing a lot of cyber troubles as most of the computers operating in the region are not been able to grasp updates, as the technology giant from America has chosen to skip up the entire region from now on, regarding software patches.

In March 2022, as soon as Russian started an invasion of Ukraine, the Satya Nadella’s company announced a business withdrawal from the Russian Federation in retaliation for the war that is killing innocent Ukrainians.

The Windows Operating system giant also announced a ban on fresh downloads of Windows 10 and Windows 11 in the said region, even if the companies will pay an increase in price for the service.

Russia’s TASS news resources reports that many supermarkets and public service utilities that have been operating on Windows are reporting troubles about software freeze and impromptu shutdowns, because of which several customers are walking out of malls and utilities, dissatisfied.

Even if individuals and companies are trying to download Windows media updates and software through VPNs, the servers in America are reflecting their pings with 404 errors.

Last week’s Putin’s online mouth-piece Roskomsvoboda published an article on this note. It clearly specified in the report that Microsoft was blocking the downloads intentionally and was directed to pull back updates, as the move will make the Russian systems vulnerable to hackers.

Microsoft did not feel like responding to the news. But it did agree with a point in the report that it has decided to layoff all the 400 of its employees working across the region……strange!


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