Network Segmentation could protect your small business network from Cyber Attacks


Security has become an important issue to focus on small businesses that rely on websites, smartphones, and connected devices. Thus, a network security company called Tufin has released an info graphic titled “ Making Security Manageable Through Network Segmentation” which introduces us to a new concept called network segmentation. The report suggests that “Network Segmentation” can help small businesses save millions in a cyber attack.

According to a study made by the researchers of Tufin, cyber crimes will result in $6 trillion loss to businesses operating on a global note by 2021. So, the Massachusetts based company suggest that the damage caused by these crimes can be mitigated with network segmentation concept- a practice involving strong firewall policies and visualizing and enforcing the segmentation by maintaining continuous compliance, tightening overall network security and avoiding security risks with unnecessary exposure.

In layman terms, when a network is broken into sub networks, it revives the concept of network segmentation. So, in essence, each subnetwork becomes a separate network which remains well protected with a different set of protocols.

Tufin study suggests that ‘network segmentation’ plays a vital role and functionality of protecting a corporate network with varying levels of security.

Now, to those who think on how the said new concept could save a corporate network from cyber attacks..? Here’s a briefing.

When an attack takes place on one of the segmented networks, we can remain assured that it will not spread as rapidly compared to a single network.

This theory is also being endorsed by US CERT or United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

In one of the media briefings, US CERT suggested that proper implementation of network segmentation policy will yield effective security mechanisms to prevent an intruder from propagating exploits or laterally moving around an internal network.

The Emergency Readiness Team of US agreed that network segmentation has the ability to solve most of the security issues which small businesses are facing in cyber space.

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