News on WhatsApp listening to sleeping users and Doctors fraternity raising voice against AI threat to humanity


Elon Musk issued a statement recently slamming WhatsApp for secretly recording activities while the user is sleeping. On Tuesday, the Tesla Chief raised concerns that “WhatsApp cannot be trusted” when it comes to keeping its user data private and secure from snooping eyes.

“If the company is itself indulging in malpractices, then how can an online service user gain trust in the application?” said Musk, by directly tagging the same to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg.

While the tweet buzzed for a while on the internet, it was taken down from the platform for reasons best known to the owner of the company that beams internet via dedicated satellites to the war-torn Ukraine region.

So, did Zuckerberg and his team make a note of the development that their app was secretly recording user activities via the microphone, even during their sleep time? Well, there’s no answer yet!

Coming to the second news that is buzzing across the internet, it is related to doctors who have raised concerns about the use of AI in the medical field.

According to British Medical Journal Global Health, medical experts are urging the government and the tech heads of companies that are developing AI products to halt their experiments until a route map is created to stop disinformation and surveillance spread from the chatbots.

A team of 5 doctors and an equal number of health experts from across 4 continents have disclosed their concerns on paper and submitted it to the medical committee of Britain. Their concern is regarding the development of AI robots to be used in the medical field and the use of AI-propelled Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) that could indulge in mass murders of innocent populace.

Since both need the analysis of large datasets, the medical field is concerned about the way the experts are feeding these systems with supportive result-yielding data that can produce severe economic devastations and human misery and could steal livelihoods of millions.

Basically, they want to restrict the usage of robots in the medical field as machines cannot work with ethics like their human counterparts and can be tweaked to kill or, at the very least, influence patient minds.

However, experts from the US fraternity state that a slight relaxation in the R&D of AI can propel nations like Russia, China, and North Korea to surpass the country, unabated.

So, a tough call ahead!

NOTE : The concern is not with the invention of the Artificial Intelligence tech, but the use of it by our human minds. If it falls into the wrong hands, then it can lead to devastation of the world within no time.

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