Next-Gen CASB: Zero-Day Protection


This post was originally published here by  Salim Hafid.

Many organizations struggle with unknown apps. Whether it’s a new EFSS service, a messaging platform, or any other web-based service, new apps are driving corporate data outside the firewall and oftentimes beyond managed “sanctioned” cloud applications like Office 365. To manually identify new upload paths is an impossible task that is sure to result in some data loss. Instead, organizations must adopt security solutions that take a different approach.

This week, Bitglass announced a major step forward in its data protection solution with a suite of new machine-learning-based technologies. While some CASBs struggle to adapt and defend enterprisees in the ever-changing cloud, the Bitglass team offers a solution that can quickly detect and prevent data leakage on any application.

The new suite of technologies is termed the Zero-day Core platform. Together, its four components offer comprehensive security for unmanaged apps, managed apps, and any device.

  • Zero-day Unmanaged App Control – Bitglass can leverage its patent-pending machine-learning to detect and control zero-day data leakage paths in any unmanaged application.
  • Zero-day Malware Protection – Through a built-in, Cylance-powered engine, only Bitglass can detect known and zero-day malware for cloud applications.
  • Zero-day Managed App Control – With the Next-Gen CASB, achieve data protection, threat protection, identity management, and visibility for any SaaS, custom, or packaged software application – no signatures or changes to applications are required.
  • Zero-day Agentless Proxy with AJAX-VM – Bitglass’ real-time, agentless reverse proxy solution secures any application on any device, ensuring continued functionality as client-side code changes.

Zero-day Core is available in the Bitglass Next-Gen CASB platform today.

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