Now Russia and China companies face data breaches


Russian streaming platform ‘START’ has admitted that a portion of data from its 2021 database was stolen by hackers, who are now distributing some samples to affirm their claims. START has acknowledged the cyber attack that could have led to the leak of info such as email ids, usernames and phone numbers.

The only good news is that data such as financial info, browsing history, and passwords weren’t leaked in the incident. database allowed the hackers to siphon data because of a vulnerability that has been fixed now and it is yet to urge its customers to change their passwords ASAP, respectively.

Company claims that hackers accessed about 7.5 million accounts data. But confirmed sources from the company stated that the breach could be have led to the leak of about 44 million user accounts, that are slowly being distributed via telegram.

Medusa, a Russian news outlet, confirmed that the attack led to the leak of information stored on the database before September last week of 2021. So, all those accounts created later are expected to be safe.

Coming to data breach related to China, Xinai Electronics that keeps a track of citizens faces and license plate numbers has hit the news headlines for a human error that leaked information of at least 800 million records, including that of facial recognition used for personal identity, payroll management, employee tracking and vehicle tracking of those visiting schools, workplaces and construction sites along with parking garages.

Xinai based in Hangzhou District, is yet to react to the news on an official note. However, confirmed sources acknowledged the attack and admitted a mis-configuration error caused it on a server hosted in the Alibaba data center.

NOTE- In July this year, a similar data leak took place from the servers of Shanghai National Police. And as the victim denied paying ransom, the threat actors put the siphoned information of about 1 billion records on the dark web for a price of 10 BTC.


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