NSA deeply shook by the leak of its Cyber Weapons Data


America’s largest and most secretive intelligence agency NSA is said to be in a disturbed state of mind these days. The reason, a hacking Group called Shadow Brokers is spilling secrets related to America’s National Security onto Dark Web on a regular note.

Leon E Panetta, the Ex-defense secretary of CIA has admitted this news as a fact and said that leaks such as these can prove incredibly damaging to the intelligence and cyber capabilities of United States.

“The main purpose of intelligence services is to infiltrate into the network of adversaries in order to gather intelligence. And if the same is being experienced by the intelligence services, then it could spell a doom on the entire US populace” said Leon E Panetta.

Panetta added that some nations have started a practice of sneaking into the intelligence methods used by NSA and was doing it in a smart way from just under the nose of counterintelligence arm Q Group.

FBI has started an inquiry on this issue and is trying its best to find out whether the cyber attack on NSA was just a brilliantly executed hack taken up by Shadow Brokers or was an insider’s leak.

In 2012, Edward Snowden, the ex-security contractor of NSA revealed to the world that the National Security Agency was carrying out espionage on its own populace. He also added that the security agency has the capability to spy on any politician of this Planet.

FBI suspects that Snowden could be leading the Russian pack of hackers who are always trying to infiltrate American networks to gather classified files. And pretty soon they are in a hope to achieve success.

Note- Even if Snowden is caught guilty in this act, US might file a case in one of the district courts. But as the guy is currently seeking asylum in Russia and Putin might not show interest in extraditing Snowden back to the United States in order to maintain cordial terms with Donald Trump.

Naveen Goud
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