Ransomware attacks on Apple devices have increased by 500%


Ransomware attacks on Apple Mac and iOS devices are up by 500% says a survey conducted by Datto- an American cybersecurity and data backup company. The survey findings are a part of a comprehensive report on how the said malware is affecting SMBs worldwide.

Datto Survey on ransomware says that 55% of Managed Service Providers(MSPs) reported attacks on their clients in the 1Q and 2Q of 2018. That means on an average, MSPs believe that over 5 attacks are taking place on clients per year.

Coming to the ransom demand, it is believed that on an average ransom request is $4,650 which does not include downtime costs which are 10 times as costly to SMBs.

In another news related to Ransomware attacks, a prolific hacking group named TA505 which is believed to spread ransomware in the past is now back with a new remote access trojan (RAT) campaign which creates a backdoor to PCs to steal data like sensitive info and banking credentials.

The group is believed to have launched a latest cyber attack campaigns in Aug’18 with victims being targeted by Dridex banking Trojan, Locky ransomware and Jaff ransomware.

It is believed that TA505 has launched the campaign with the help of Necurs Botnet- one of the largest spam generators used by state-funded hackers.

The news is also out that a ransomware attack took place on Midland Regional Hospital located in Tullamore yesterday locking down laboratory-related information from being accessed by patients and doctors.

And as per the sources reporting to the Cybersecurity Insiders, there is no evidence that the attack has disrupted other digital systems of the healthcare services provider.

Dublin Midlands Hospital Group has confirmed the news and said that the management has decided not to bow down to the demands of the hackers who have encrypted the database. Instead, the group says that it will rely on the business continuity plans until the full systems are restored.

UK based government agency ‘Health and Safety Executive’ (HSE) is said to have informed the Data Protection Commission UK about the incident.

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