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Pemex, a Mexican Oil, and Petroleum Company have stated that it has become a victim of a ransomware attack last week and hackers were demanding USD 5 million as a ransom to allow back access to files.

Going deep into the details, the bad guys somehow infiltrated the networks of the Mexican Petroleum company and decided to shut down the computer systems by introducing the file-encrypting malware. The disruption was so severe that many payment transactions were also halted and the employees were asked to keep a distance from the digital systems till a recovery was possible.

However, a fresh statement issued by Pemex early today says that only 5% of its computers and storage and distribution facilities were interrupted by the cyberattack as the company’s servers were hit by either DoppelPaymer or Ryuk Ransomware.

Meanwhile, in another report issued by McAfee researchers a new Ransomware- as- service ransomware is said to be doing rounds on the internet and is being dubbed as Buran. The said ransomware is said to be only targeting Windows Vulnerabilities and so the malware developers are offering its spread at a discount rate to make its distribution faster.

Security analysts from McAfee say that BURAN is a spin-off of Vegalocker Ransomware and has been active since May 2019. Reports are in that the malware is being spread through ransomware-as-a-service model by Russia Cyber Criminals and has features such as offline crypto-locking capabilities, flexible operation, and 24/7 customer support.

Coming to the third ransomware news which is trending on Google, a new ransomware variant has been discovered by security researchers who have named it “PureLocker”.

The researchers say that the ransomware was devised mainly to target enterprise production servers and was written in PureBasic Programming Language.

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