Samsung’s Facial Recognition related Mobile Security is not yet ready for Mobile Payments


Samsung has made it official that its facial recognition feature related to mobile security is still not ready to make mobile payments. The world-renowned smartphone maker has also added in its media briefing that it might take at least 4 years to make the technology work.

In March 2017, it was revealed by Samsung that its latest breed of Galaxy smartphone (S8 and S8+) models will allow their respective users to make mobile payments with the help of facial recognition feature and that too within a couple of months of their April’17 release.

Perhaps, the company was intending to stand out of its competitors like Apple Pay of 2014 and Android Pay of 2015 that just use fingerprint authentication as a secure mobile payment authority.

However, Samsung’s spokesperson has confirmed that the facial recognition feature introduced in Galaxy S8 and S8+ features has not yet matured to the point where it can be used for high-level authentication mechanisms i.e. financial payments.
The reason, the current facial recognition feature introduced in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ models uses a lower security level compared to the already existing fingerprint and Iris scanner.
It has to be notified over here that mobile users are nowadays showing a lot of inclination towards mobile security. So,

Samsung doesn’t want to dupe its customers with flabbergasted marketing gimmicks saying that its facial recognition technology is secure enough to make mobile payments. And so, decided to make it official that its present FR technology on Galaxy smartphones is not ready to make mobile payments through different apps.

As of now, the FR technology on the galaxy phones can be used to unlock the phone which can be treated as a foremost mobile security feature essential to smartphone users.
In future, the company promises to come up with more technical maturity on this front.

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