Source Code of Twitter leaked on GitHub


Twitter issued a public statement stating that parts of its source code were leaked on GitHub and that its officials were trying their best to file a DMCA to take down the leaked content from the web and identify the user who submitted the content to the web-based software development platform. The leaked information includes proprietary source code of the social media platform’s internal tools, and the staff are busy tracing out the culprit.

According to a tweet posted by a GitHub enthusiast, the code had been existing on the web platform for the past three months and has now been taken down. The user who hosted the content, named “FreeSpeechEnthusiast,” allegedly engaged in these tactics out of vengeance against Elon Musk for various reasons.

Coincidentally, the source code leak of Twitter took place at the time when Tesla chief Musk announced that all the best-performing staff would be receiving company shares worth $20 billion in the coming months, making them a part of the company’s holdings from then on.

In general, businesses protect their source codes through various means, as it happens to be their lifeblood to stay ahead of competitors. So, an internal threat is expected to be involved in the leak of Twitter’s source code on GitHub, and a detailed investigation is underway to nab the culprit.

Legally, Twitter also filed a case against the tech platform in a court in California, prompting the GitHub to reveal the user’s name, contact number, address, email, social media profile, and IP address of the culprit.


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