South Korea Nuclear Research data digitally stolen by North Korean Hackers

Nuclear research data from a South Korean organization is suspected to have been stolen by a hacker’s gang from North Korea. And reports are in that the information steal might be attributed to a cyber crooks group hailing from Pyeongyang dubbed as APT Group Kimsuky.


Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the nuclear facility that was infiltrated is Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and the attacked group named Kimsuky is said to be targeting the IT infrastructure of the said organization since 2012 and is only interested in gathering info related to national security issues and foreign policies.


KAERI released a press statement at the end of last week admitting a cyberattack on one of its servers that took place through a VPN Vulnerability that was blocked and patched by the technical team on time.


Highly placed sources report that the nuclear facility was into the study and research of nuclear reactors and fuel rods and so the breach might have leaked classical information to the military intelligence headed by North Korea.


Note 1- North Korea has the ambition to become a super-power nuclear nation by 2025 and is seen fulfilling its objective by launching cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of nations supporting the west and those belonging to international banks and cryptocurrency-related businesses.


Note 2- The population of North Korea under the regime of Kim Un Jung is believed to be extremely disappointed with the way the bureaucracy is been carried out. As almost all the essential commodities that are being traded for the populace are being supplied with a 250% price hike due to a COVID 19 pandemic propelled economic crisis.


Naveen Goud
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