Russia launched DDoS attack on Ukraine Nuclear Plant

Ukraine Nuclear Plant was targeted by a DDoS cyber attack launched by a group of cyber hackers. And details are in that the digital assault was launched by the Kremlin-funded ‘People’s Cyber Army’. Getting deep into the details, Ukraine’s Energoatom has released a press statement dismissing rumors that the whole of its power plant was […]

Cyber Attack and Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) Conti Ransomware gang reportedly hit Parker Hannifin Corporation in March this year leaking sensitive details to the public. The company that is into the manufacturing of motion control products released a press statement yesterday, stating a breach of its systems in between March 11 and March 14th this year. Exposed details include personal info […]

South Korea Nuclear Research data digitally stolen by North Korean Hackers

Nuclear research data from a South Korean organization is suspected to have been stolen by a hacker’s gang from North Korea. And reports are in that the information steal might be attributed to a cyber crooks group hailing from Pyeongyang dubbed as APT Group Kimsuky.   Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the nuclear facility that […]

Israel cyber attack on Iran Natanz Nuclear Facility

Just a day after Iran unveiled its new Uranium enrichment centrifuges at its Natanz Nuclear facility, the IT infrastructure at the nuclear power plant was sabotaged by a digital attack likely to have been launched by Israel. As per the sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, Tehran’s Uranium Enrichment program was disrupted by nuclear terrorism […]

UN confirms nuclear ambitions being fulfilled by Cyber Attacks

All these days there were speculations that North Korea is funding its nuclear ambitions with cyber attacks. But experts from United Nations have confirmed this news this week and came to an estimation that the Kim Jung UN led nation could have gathered over USD 316.4 million between November’ 2019- 2020 alone. A panel of […]

IAEA offers training to protect Nuclear Facilities from prevailing Cyber Threats

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced a training program designed to protect Nuclear Facilities from the growing threat of Cyber Attacks. The program which was started in October this year has so far managed to attract the attention of 37 government endorsed participants from 13 countries. Note- IAEA which is based in Austria is […]

Security experts say that no Nuclear Weapon is safe from Cyber Attacks

Security Experts from UK based think tank ‘Chatham House’ have revealed that no nuclear weapon is safe from cyber attacks and this could prove potentially catastrophic if nations fail to take necessary steps on the issue. Beyza Unal, a security researcher from Chatham House adds that hackers have become sophisticated to tamper the nuclear systems […]

United States should start launching massive Cyber Attacks against North Korea

Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher, a member of the US House of Representatives representing California’s 48th Congressional district is asking Donald Trump to launch a massive cyber attack against North Korea. In a press conference held yesterday, Mr. Dana Tyrone gave a media briefing on his recent meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. When a news reporter […]

US Nuclear Power Stations cyber attacked by Russia!

FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has confirmed news reports that Russian hacker’s cyber attacked 5 nuclear power stations in the United States in May this year. And the affected networks include aging nuclear generating facility at Wolf Creek owned by Westar Energy, another two other facilities at Great Plains Energy and Kansas Electric […]

North Korea launches cyber attacks on Poker websites for Nuclear Cash

North Korea which holds an exclusive cyber army to launch cyber attacks on developed nations is nowadays said to be targeting poker and other gambling websites for nuclear cash. A South Korean agency disclosed this news to our Cybersecurity Insiders on last weekend and added in its statement that already the said country made millions […]

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