Russia launched DDoS attack on Ukraine Nuclear Plant


Ukraine Nuclear Plant was targeted by a DDoS cyber attack launched by a group of cyber hackers. And details are in that the digital assault was launched by the Kremlin-funded ‘People’s Cyber Army’.

Getting deep into the details, Ukraine’s Energoatom has released a press statement dismissing rumors that the whole of its power plant was in the control of Moscow. It also cleared the air that none of its operations were disrupted, unlike what is being said in a certain section of media.

As per the statement released by Energoatom, the group of cyber hackers launched a distributed denial of service attack aka DDoS using about 7.25 million bots under control of its digital experts.

The attack was carried out in the afternoon hours of Monday and was simulated over 4 times on the website of Energoatom. However, no physical or virtual damage was witnessed in the attack, as the electricity generating company from nuclear power had taken adequate measures to prevent any scale of downtime from such cyber incidents.

In what was found in the Prima facie, the aim was to first take down the website and then all the servers of the company, pushing the customers into a well-planned blackout. But in the early hours of Tuesday, the cyber army received a telegram channel note from a high-level military officer to stop the digital assault, hence directing the full force towards a new target that was apparently found to be Ukraine’s Institute of National Remembrance.

NOTE 1- Right from day one of the war with Ukraine, i.e. from the early hours of February 24th,2022, Russia has been trying its best to take control of the nuclear power plants in Ukraine. In fact, it took control of the Zaporizhzhia power plant in March the first week of this year. But now it is slowly going into the hands of Ukraine forces as they have started a retaliation strike.

NOTE 2- Confirmed sources say that Russia is thinking about starting a dialogue with the West and is intending to stop the war with the Zelensky-led nation only if all goes well.


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