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1.) Conti Ransomware gang reportedly hit Parker Hannifin Corporation in March this year leaking sensitive details to the public. The company that is into the manufacturing of motion control products released a press statement yesterday, stating a breach of its systems in between March 11 and March 14th this year.

Exposed details include personal info of current and former employees, dependant information of Parker’s Group Health Plans, social security numbers, DoBs, addresses, driving license details, some banking info, and insurance coverage dates.

From May 12th this year, Parker began informing all its users who have been affected by the cyber Conti Ransomware gang and assured that it will not bow down to the demands of hackers.

2.) Second, is the news related to the government of Britain: On May 12th 2022, the UK Government pledged to improve the current cybersecurity posture of its civil nuclear reactors as they were vulnerable to cyber attacks from Russian Intelligence.

Since, the Boris Johnson led government has been constantly supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia, NCSC, a cyber arm of GCHQ issued a warning that there is a high probability that all the critical infrastructure operating in United Kingdom might be targeted by digital attacks y Kremlin at any time soon.

For this reason, the Government of the United Kingdom released a National Cyber Strategy 2022 Framework under which the IT infrastructure of all the civil nuclear reactors will be strategically reviewed and bolstered if/when necessary.

Cyber Threats are not new to the government of Britain. But it has made its approach cautious in the vague of a Russian war with Ukraine.

3.) Third is the news related to Elgin County website and email services that went offline in April this year due to leak of sensitive information from a Cybersecurity incident.

Going forward into the details, officials from Elgin County state hackers accessed over 26k files and information related to about 300 people fraudulently and highly sensitive details pertaining to around 53 people were leaked in the attack. This includes health card numbers, social insurance data, financial data and health history belonging to the Elgin County.

Julie Gonyou, the CAO of the County, assured that her staff have taken all necessary precautions to avoid such incidents in future and will provide 12 months of credit monitoring and identity theft protection to all 53 individuals whose sensitive details were accessed by hackers.


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