Artificial Intelligence

Facebook to use Facial Recognition for its users Information Security

Facebook is all set to use the technology of Facial Recognition propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to alert users when someone uploads pictures having their face onto their respective social media accounts. However, the feature will be user-defined and can be switched off/on to allow people to protect their privacy online. The social media giant […]

Experts say that Artificial Intelligence enhanced Cyber Attacks are Coming!

Artificial Intelligence enhanced Cyber Attacks are said to be on their way. And as per the experts, they could come in the next 12 months. But this doesn’t mean, that Robots will start marching the streets to destabilize your digital assets. Rather they will make the existing cyber attacks such as denial of service attacks, […]

Microsoft uses Artificial Intelligence to fight against Cyber Attacks

American software giant Microsoft has announced that it will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fight and thwart threats in Cyber Space. The San Francisco-based company made it official in its announcement that it will add a cloud-based security intelligence to the feature of its anti-virus stack from now on to prevent hackers invading Windows 10 […]

Artificial Intelligence to combat Cyber Attacks!

Endpoint Security company Endgame has designed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to help combat Cyber Attacks. Known as Artemis, the AI software will process techniques that foresee priorities for cybersecurity units and detect patterns to manage malicious behavior in time and before the analyst could find about it. Endgame describes this cyber attacks combating AI […]

Amazon Web Services acquires Cloud Security startup

Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing service offering subsidiary of has completed the purchase of Cloud Security startup named As per our sources, the deal was compiled in early 2016 and has now reached the final stage of acquisition. Note- The deal was not disclosed or confirmed before today. Amazon is said to […]

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