US alleges Huawei digitally stole trade secrets from Cisco and T-Mobile

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) pushed a fresh set of allegations onto Chinese telecom equipment provider Huawei on Thursday. The fed claims that it has evidence that Huawei engaged in activities such as digital stealing of trade secrets from at least 6 US companies which include Cisco and T-Mobile. It was revealed in the […]

Huawei 5G network data espionage scandal reignites

Robert O’Brien, the National Security Advisor of White House has made direct allegations on Huawei on Tuesday alleging that the Chinese supplier of 5G equipment has left backdoors in its equipment supply allowing the Chinese government to sneak into the network flow anytime for espionage. O’Brien added in its statement that Huawei has been offering […]

China could Cyber Attack UK without Huawei 5G

All these days we have heard from cyber experts that China could launch cyber attacks if in case 5G equipment from Huawei is used in their network upgrades. But now, experts suggest that Beijing could find easier ways to attack the critical infrastructure of the UK, rather than using Huawei equipment.   In the meantime, […]

UK will repent for handing over 5G network upgrade to Huawei

Edward Lucas, a Britain based security analyst has stated in its recent post that handing the 5G network upgrade to Huawei in Britain is like giving your main door keys to a stranger- where there is no guarantee of his/her behavior/motive.   Stressing on the fact that how the United States has warned other nations […]

Huawei confirms One million Cyber Attacks every day

Huawei which was trade banned by the United States in May this year says that its computers and networks are being cyber attacked by adversaries over one million times every day. Issuing a confirmation on this speculation John Suffolk, the Security Chief working for the Chinese firm endorsed this news and added that if the […]

Google scraps down backdoor meant to install play store on Huawei Mobile Phones

Huawei which happens to be a banned company in the entire west except the UK got into an embarrassing situation yesterday when Google announced that it is ‘not’ going to entertain backdoor websites that allow new Huawei Mobile Phones to download its Google Play Store.   The announcement came from the web search giant when […]

Huawei barred from cyber threat sharing and NCSC alerts UK universities against Cyber Attacks

Huawei which was banned by the United States from supplying 5G network equipment to public and private companies has been blocked by the Trump administration from sharing info related to cyber threats. So, from now on the world’s second-best Chinese smartphone supplier will no longer receive updates from companies which might slow down its noesis […]

Microsoft seeks evidence from the US on Huawei espionage with its 5G network equipment

The Controversial trade war between the US and the Chinese Huawei 5G equipment suppliers has taken a new turn with American software giant Microsoft seeking evidence from the Trump administration that the 5G network equipment supplied by the Chinese telecom company is indeed conducting espionage. Logically speaking trade wisely, Huawei happens to be the No […]

Donald Trump United States launches Cyber Attacks on Huawei staff

Huawei Technologies Co which has been banned from selling its 5G products and services in the United States by Trump administration has alleged that the White House has launched cyber attacks on its staff and partner operations to further tarnish the image of Chinese Telecommunication Company in the international markets. “Huawei’s intranet and internal information […]

Huawei data scandal in South Africa  

A news post published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) states that Huawei with the help of Chinese intelligence has helped two South African politicians to spy on their opponents to steal their campaign’s data secrets and whereabouts. Officials from Huawei have rejected the claims made by the WSJ and said that it was the […]

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